Our Journey

Igniting the Genius Within!

  Grace Leadership Preparatory Institute (GLPI) is an Accredited K-12 B-Tech college preparatory Christian School with a Personalized Digital Learning Environment. GLPI is committed to delivering a flexible educational setting, which communicates and provides the necessary impact of Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Exchange, Career Exploration, Virtual Exposure, and Digital Learning for future applications and advancement. The curriculum includes the disciplines appropriate for each age group and grade level and fully utilizes strategies of emotional intelligence and digital instruction for students to learn and apply successfully in a technologically driven world. Founded in 2005 by Chantale Milord, The Master Life Strategist, GLPI is taking an innovative unconventional approach to education. It’s an ingenious idea suitable for visionary stakeholders. GLPI offers an educational model that fosters personal growth and transformation.


Inspiring students to become independent thinkers and responsible leaders through academic excellence and self-efficacy.


To become the desired model for educating our youth by “Ignite the Genius Within” through our enhanced education techniques that bedrock empathy, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, mental transmutation and critical thinking. We also make every effort to ensure that the child’s complete ecosystem is supportive of this endeavor; parents, teachers, and even the very communities in which they live.

“Life is a journey, and every person is an independent, individual traveler, attempting to find their way home”.


Intentionally providing a safe space for each peArson’s personal self-care and evolution. GLPI seeks to cultivate a community fostered by these core principles:
● Character
● Integrity
● Leadership
● Community
● Empathy
● Excellence
● Conscious Awareness

Discover an extraordinary school environment

● Business & Technology – “B-TECH”
● Digital Learning with Chromebooks & iPads
● Project-based technology setting (smart boards/TVs)
● Individualized Instruction & Personalized Learning
● Inclusive & Explorative Environment
● Genius Coaches
● College preparation – SAT, ACT, & Dual Enrollment
● Leadership Principles guided by discipline and character development.
● Emotional Intelligence

Our school

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