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Meet the Collective

The faculty and staff of Grace Leadership Preparatory Institute are a powerhouse of diversity and talent, united by a shared mission. Each member of our team is unwavering in their dedication to nurturing the holistic growth of our students, encompassing their spiritual, emotional, moral, and intellectual development.

Executive Leadership

Guiding Council


Administrative Leadership

Dr. Nekeisha Bascombe
School Business Administrator
Mrs. Ginger Gabriel-Joseph
Academic Dean
Dr. Francis Francois
Pastor Yvonne Strachan
Director of Execution
Qwontanney Major
Coordinator of Operations & Efficiency

Genius Coaches & Auxiliary Squad

Cherry Magwood
Genius Coach
Nancy Peterson
Genius Coach
Alorra Major
Genius Coach
Yaima Rabaza
Genius Coach
Theresa Rankine
Genius Coach
Erin Fitzgerald
Genius Coach
Jemel Glover
Genius Chauffeur
Marie Carmelle Lamy
Genius Food Service
Andrea Bazile
Genius Food Service
Elizabeth Rivera
Genius Parent PTO

Career Opportunities

Ready to Make a Lasting Impact? Join GLPI’s Innovative Team!

At Grace Leadership Preparatory Institute (GLPI), we firmly believe that the most valuable asset in education is our collective talent dedicated to academic excellence. We are on the lookout for passionate, innovative individuals who aspire to revolutionize the way education is delivered. Our ideal candidate holds at least a bachelor’s degree and boasts three or more years of classroom experience.

As a forward-thinking and inclusive community, we place great emphasis on cultivating an environment that values autonomy and fosters innovation. At GLPI, your talents are not just recognized but celebrated, providing you with a safe space to explore and expand your innovative potential. We are committed to helping you strike a functional work-life balance that prioritizes self-care and personal development with “You” at the core.

Join our dynamic team of “Genius Coaches” and become the driving force for change in education. Explore our current employment opportunities and learn how you can contribute to our collective mission.

Please note that a VECHS Level Two Background check is a requirement for most positions. Your journey to making a significant impact begins here.

Parent & Student Handbook

GLPI Student Handbook
Welcome, Genius Parents! The GLPI Parent-Student Handbook encompasses the necessary policies and guidelines for our school community to navigate the upcoming academic year.

The 2023-24 GLIP Parent Student Handbook is available on the GLPI website. As the year progresses, we may make necessary edits and updates, ensuring that you’ll be informed of any changes.

Each student and parent are required to acknowledge receipt and review of the Handbook. This digital acknowledgment must be completed upon enrollment. Please carefully read and electronically sign the GLPI Student Handbook to understand its contents and guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Reporting Misconduct Policy